Hey there,

My name is Clarentino Aduk. I am the owner of this blog.

I am a full-time internet marketer selling mostly in the Forex niche.

I’ve been making money online since 2011.

I do not claim to be an expert at anything. However the purpose of this blog is just to share my experience and also some ideas that might help you in your journey to find success online.

Anyone Can Make Money Online?

Yes, I believe anyone can make money online. To start, you just need a laptop and an Internet connection.

but here’s the thing…

If making money on the Internet is so easy, then why MOST people FAIL?

Think about it…


Perhaps most newbies are misled by “so called” internet marketing gurus peddling their rehashed courses and video training.

“With just one click, you can make 10K a day”….

I can say this…

It may look easy, but building a money making machine on the Internet requires a lot of work.

Much more work than what most people anticipate.

The Forex Niche – My Bread & Butter 🙂

I love the Forex niche. I love the people that buy again and again in this niche.

The Forex niche is HUGE and very LUCRATIVE.

The audience in this niche is desperate to find a solution to help them make more money from Forex Trading.

And just like the IM niche, this niche has a lot of scammers peddling their fake products.

When I first entered this niche, I made it my mission to educate and reveal the truth about how to make money with forex trading. It was a genuine desire on my part to help instead of making a quick buck.


Perhaps you would like to also become a Forex Affiliate?

Good for you!! 🙂

There is a lot of money to be made. This, I can guarantee!

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Resources & Tools That I Use To Succeed Online

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Check out an interview I did with Daryl of Lion Zeal.

Daryl was kind enough to slot me in with 4 other awesome guys who are successful affiliate marketers.

You can watch the interview below: